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"I love grading handwritten exams," said no teacher ever

AnatomyHive was born out of the frustration of grading hundreds of anatomy lab practicals. Hours were spent painstakingly deciphering handwriting, checking for spelling and then regrading exams when students protested. We needed a way to escape grading so we could focus on teaching. What we ended up with, was a vastly better exam experience for students, and difficulty figuring out how to spend our newly found free time.

AnatomyHive is a web-based exam app that fits seamlessly into the traditional lab practical exam experience. You pin your practical exam like you normally would, and then with AnatomyHive create the exam electronically to record students responses. Students can then enter the lab and take the exam on any wifi enabled device. While you relax, the exams are graded instantly and actionable statistics are generated.

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